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We raced a little madly out of the door about five minutes to ten today. Idyllwild had the annual Easter Egg hunt today, and we woke late and took our time about the morning- I had the pleasure of Angelica and Kaitlin Barr's company, and we made banana bread and they decorated a bonnet while I made omelettes- before I knew it, it was 9:40am and I had to rush like a crazy woman- which isn't a stretch- to get the kids dressed and in the car.
Twenty minutes may seem like enough time to drive a short two minutes, but the sad fact is that it takes me thirty minutes to get us ready to do almost anything. We are almost always late to almost everything. We made it to the egg hunt, though.
Lucy was in the first section, for kidlings 0-3 years. She enjoyed it, and took her time.
She stared at the rush of children at first.
Found the first egg...
...and the second! It took her a bit to get the idea of an egg hunt where the eggs aren't hidden.
Bowden was next with the 4-9 year olds. There were golden eggs hidden about, but he liked the regular ones fine.
He had to go to the bathroom, but I didn't notice when this picture was taken.
Off to find more eggs!
I said, "Stand together and show me your eggs!"
They did. Then I said, "Bowden, do you have to go to the bathroom?" and the search for an isolated spot was on.
Those zany, yet proper, Barr sisters.
Bowden is inching away from the menacing Easter Bunny. This picture should be shown in churches to warn kids to remember what Easter is really about.
The crowd at the Idyllwild Help Center.
Ah, the bonnet. We won a chocolate (flavored) bunny. This is Kaitlin.
Actually, everybody won. This is me.
They did say ours was the cutest- and the best use of materials. This is Angelica.
Lucy stuck close. Bowden quickly found where the toys were kept and diappeared in that direction.
It was fun to be outside and one with the community. I dropped my camera full force, and realized just now as I tried to take pictures of the Easter table, that I broke the flash. Harumphs.


alexae said…
That is one big scary bunny! Ohh!
Happy Easter Sarah!
MomZup said…
Wonderful pictures! Are you down in the valley for Easter? I'm in the ER for Easter!
Chris said…
I loved this post. Great story - and you had me laughing two or three times. That is a SCARY bunny!

Also, does your shirt say "Slater's"?

Cuz if so, I want one!
Liana said…
I hope Bowden made it to the bathroom!

Happy Easter to you Tates!
sarah said…
Chris- it does say Slaters- it's Josh's shirt from High school- they were the Slaters in a county full of slate quarries. You can't have this one, but I will get you one or will happen!

Bowden did make it. It was an Easter miracle.
"Something intolerable"
Sandy said…
Cute kids. Nice bonnet.

You're not so bad yourself.
sarah said…
hey, job, try not to be so caustic and annoying, okay? i don't know why you even look at my page with so much hate.

just kidding. i deserve it.
abigail said…
Whew. I was worried that I'd just awkwardly stepped into an fuming family argument when I read your last two sentences.

Sooo, all I was going to write was that the same scary bunny tracked us down when we were shopping here on the East Coast. Not only is he scary, but that sucker MOVES! We barely escaped. And...those pictures of Bowden scarcely enduring made me laugh out loud.

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