Jack, and every one of my children, for that matter, has a habit of eating my food. He ate as much rice as I did from my bowl, and once that was gone, he moved on to his own. I was still hungry, but when I reached my spoon over and asked to share, the Jackster was having none of it. I tried to get a picture of his troubled, torn little face when I asked if Mama could please have a bite, and he still said no.
Interestingly enough, the camera changed his mood for sharing...he couldn't keep the grumpy face, and he became a bit more generous.

The other two came in, and were also entranced by the magic of the camera. With Bowden and Jack wearing similar shirts, I was impressed at how alike they look.

And my Lucy was there too, of course.

Messy faced and cute as buttons. I have that feeling when I look at this picture- that well-up-in-your-heart, overwhelming love feeling. I'm so excited to add another to this flock of chickens!

Once the older tow had left, however, Jack was reticent once again...but did give me the third bite from this spoon!


We make a fine product, honey.
MomZup said…
That last face is pure Josh!!!

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