Umpa and Grandma took us all out to lunch for Rosie's 30th birthday. We went to Joe's crab shack, the big draw being the outside playground at a reasonably delicious restaurant. At Joe's, they have a five minute break with the servers and hosts dancing. Pretty awesome. The girls liked the dance party.
Our server was slightly off...

The thirty-year-old!

Enjoying a wonderful coconut bread pudding.

Bowden and Lucy made a new friend. She said she had a "crush" on Bowden. Oh, boy.

My sister and brother!

Nanny danced with the kids in the corner!

Justice and Rose. It was a nice lunch, long, but fun.


lisa d said…
sharon got her bread pudding this trip- i'm so glad! happy birthday thirty year old! i love you and wish i could have celebrated with you all!
Sandy said…
Yeah!! And lookin' fine, too!

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