Fifteen days overdue, The Man said that I'd have to be induced. We went in at about 5:45 am, got started on a oxytocin drip, and met Miles Bradley Paulson Tate at 12:05pm. It was not the best delivery I've ever had, and I suppose it doesn't matter much, because he's here and it is wonderful to have him.
At 8 lbs and 5 oz, he is my biggest baby- though still normal, of course- by almost a pound. He is 20 and a quarter inches long- an inch longer than Bowden was. He has fat cheeks and a double chin, already, thanks to an extra two weeks in the oven. He looks like our babies, but sometimes I think he looks like a foreign middle-aged man. Lisa and my mother-in-law left right after labor to get the bigger kids so they could meet their new brother. Lucy was especially excited.
We checked out his little feet. Jack liked his bracelets, and mine.

Miles, awake, just before coming home.

Jack holding Miles at home this afternoon.

Charlie's Angels, or the littlest paparazzi?
The kids all got Team Tate shirts like the three cheerleaders that came with me- the three I knew about.
Miles waited long enough to greet Mom Tate in person at delivery, but I hadn't made a shirt for her.

Miles, just born an hour and a half earlier.

Josh and his newest son. Thanks for your prayers. Now if I can get that little one to sleep, I'll sleep, too.


A Glowing Aunt Rosie said…
I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!
Kelly Visel said…
I'm impressed at how quickly this is on the blog! I am also, of course, so happy to see a new Tate in this world. Congratulations!
Sandy said…
Yeah!!! You don't know how many times I've checked blogger for pics. You of course look amazing, you ol' pro, you. He's gorgeous, obviously. Smooches and more. -Sandy
Liana said…
I have to agree- you do look amazing.
I just love these pictures, the Team Tate shirts - and all of you!
Wish I could give little Miles a squeeze - love the name, too.
Congratulations, Sarah!
marlene said…
Congratulations! He is beautiful
BeckyLove said…
Stunning! The picture of Jack holding him and the one of Josh holding him are simply precious! What a beautiful family!

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