11 weeks already! I took some pictures last night...here he is just awake and ready to eat. Jack, too was photographed at this age...a little compare and contrast for you

Then he ate, and was happy for a bit before sleeping.

Today I was noticing that Miles was upset in his seat, attempting to kick, but hampered by the little bib that came with the seat...I took it off, and it made sense that it had been bothering him...

His little feet are poking off the edge! Already! He's certainly not as fat as Bowden was, but he seems much longer.

What can I say? He's a sweet baby, and nice to hold, and quite the chunk, and we love him.


Sandy said…
Max is STILL in his rear-facing, car-seat/carrier thingamajiggie. He's insanely small. I like your chunky monkey.

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