This is my friend Marin's younger daughter, Emmy. She's a sweet girl, and a perfect little two-year-old. She and Jack have a strained relationship, but she LOVES Miles. For some reason, there are not as many infants around Idyllwild as there were with Jack and Lucy, so Miles is quite the specimen. I spend a lot of time defending him at soccer games from little hands and faces.

Emmy is pretty good about it, but there are some children who I have caught trying to pick him up, after I have told them they can't. (Obviously. Who gives permission to kindergartners to pick up their babies?) Miles takes it in stride, without much fussing even, but I think he's being exposed to a lot of germs early...maybe it's a good thing.


vicTORIa said…
please tell me that Emmy's mom is a knitter and made her that sweater. i have been staring at it for ten minutes trying to figure it out from the pic, but the only thing i can grasp is that it looks like a chunky wool that i used to have... any info you glean would be fab!
sarah said…
she is. and i don't know if she made that sweater, but i think that she did.
i actually thought of you when i posted this because of that sweater...Marin make some amazing stuff!
I'll aske her about it. And let you know.
alexae said…
Is this Marin Campbell (with a different married name)? Because this little girl looks alot like her... if so, tell her I said hello and that her kid is adorable! :)
sarah said…
yes, still campbell, and i will.

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