Happy Day!

 I'm sure that everyone reading this knows that Happy Day is the day that the Tates celebrate the first nationally televised Redskins game.  Josh judged this year that this holiday could not be on Thanksgiving, so we celebrated Monday.  It was a day of great Joy.  We traveled down to the desert and made our first stop at the 'Bucks.
 Josh ate a cake pop. 

 Jack wore our special Redskins luchador mask.
 Miles got a cookie.

Lucy also got a cake pop. I gave them a choice of drink or treat.  She loves these cake pops.  Why are cake pops so big right now?  I do not share the love.

Bowden picked a beverage.  He got a smoothie. My drink is pure fat and sugar.  So good.  So heart-clogging. 
Then Josh took me to this store. I took home a portable drink filter.
Our next stop was to buy our Christmas tree.

We stopped by store on the way home, and I made Josh a traditional Happy Day feast, with the new addition of the most delicious cheesey bread I have ever eaten. The Redskins won!


The children are so big! And so adorable! Love Miles, sporting the happy day gear in front of your tree :)

Tell me, was there a special celebration for the Happy Day victory??? There probably is no precedent for that...
Sarah Tate said…
Hahaha, Britney. You know that the Redskins are ALWAYS winners. In their hearts. They are big- too big. Why did you guys move again?
In their hearts. As if that matters......

I sometimes wonder why we moved as well. Just last week I asked Brian if he thought we should have stayed in Idyllwild. But we both agreed that at that time, what we needed was space from the zinnert's. There was no was we could stay in the same town as them.

Maybe one day we'll move back!
Sarah Tate said…
That would be great. We like you guys.
We like you guys, too! Why just tonight we were talking about you when Brian noticed my butt crack was showing...that josh sure left an impact on us!

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