We didn't have long to wait before more co-vacationers came to the Lake House. Dick and Nancy Beggs, and Dick's sister Sue, and Corky, of course, came out for a few days while on their whirlwind tour of the U.S.
It was funny to spend so much time with the Beggs, since we live in the same town, but never see them at home. They were good for many games and much laughing, but it was definitely a full house.

It was also rainy. With four children, two bickering dogs, and seven adults inside of one lake house, it was a crazy scene. We decided that it was a good time to go exploring, if only for the Beggs to be able to put Corky down. We stopped at a farm stand, and were given pumpkins by a nice farmer.

Then we went to the Farmer's Diner, in Middlebury. It was a local-vores dream come true.

And Jacks, too.

We passed some people kayaking down the falls on our way out of the diner's parking lot, and decided to get a better view. We also wanted to find a place that we'd heard about, but never been to visit, and now never will, since it closed down.

Jack was angry about leaving the bridge, but it made me nervous.

We found a better vantage point, and the kayaks came down again.

It was very fun...a nice rainy day full of adventure.


Tate Family said…
I need to go to the Farmer's Diner. I think I would like it.
Sandy said…
Wow, cool!

I didn't peg you as the mom who gets nervous on a perfectly safe bridge...

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