We just had to, you see. Lucy felt a little kookie doing this, I think that you can tell. I was definitely a darker child, but maybe the Italian has just gone underground for the winter.

She's much prettier than I was, but I won't tell her that.


MomZup said…
You are both sooooo beautiful! Is that Rosie in that picture with you? Get a camera, will you!
sarah said…
Both stunning.
Annie said…
She is a beautiful little girl, but you are too!
Why can't you see that?
You definitely look related, eh?
abigail said…
Listen to the mothers!

I was a very homely child, which is why you should trust me when I say that you were a very CUTE one.

And I love that picture of you and the blondie.
By the way...Josh wrote "both stunning", not me.
And thanks, Fabigail, but I don't believe it.
Honey! You posted your correction comment under my name! What a comedy of errors.

This is Josh Tate writing, by the way. I just want to be clear, and I do think you are both stunning. Hands down, the two prettiest girls in Idyllwild!
The Sauce said…
sarah: i mean no disrespect to LucyGoose, but considering that her beauty isn't in dispute and is well-documented here, permit me to remind you that you were, and ARE gorgeous. i tell Job this. he will attest.

and little you and little lucy are uncannily alike. Rosie & Jack I can tell apart a bit more handily.

:) for real though, i know your self-deprecation isn't feigned, and i love you for that. but know this: you're an uncommon beauty.

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