As many- or some- of you may know, I am homeschooling my two largest chickens. I have a ton and a half of reasons why we're moving from public school to home, but I'll save that for another post. I'm not starting until the twelfth of September....because I don't have to.
(This is my favorite thing about homeschooling so far. I say, "I don't have to," to about five million and a half things that annoyed me before. I don't like starting school in August? I don't have to. I don't like going to Back-to-School night? I don't have to.)

Jack-er-whack, however, began preschool on the 22nd, at the public school. We signed him up for the first five program back in April before I had decided to take Bowden and Lucy out of school, and once that decision was made, it seemed like it might be best to continue with that plan as the rest of us settle into our new arrangement.

I took him in without the chaos of seeing three children off to their new rooms, and we meandered around checking out the coolness that is pre-school, like...
....Jack's very own cubby! toys! and a toy parking garage!

....a log house with people and furniture!

I know the drill, since Lucy went to this preschool two years ago. We read a few books until it was time for me to leave, and so I went, with a very happy Jack on the carpet. Most of the kids in the class are from our church, so he knew 75 percent from Sunday school already.

The strangest thing about it all is that I spend three hours with only three of my babies, and I feel lost without the third-child. I think that it will be better once I'm busy with school-stuff, but to be honest, if Jack didn't LOVE pre-school as COMPLETELY as he does- if he didn't brighten up at the idea of going to school in the morning- I would pull him out and keep him with me.

For this transition period, I think that it will be easier to have him away for those three hours, but, still....I miss the Cranksta. (He ain't a Gangsta...he's a Cransta...JACK!!!!)


abigail said…



I'll be praying for you as you step into these waters. I can only imagine you being a wonderful teacher-mom, and I look forward to that future post!
abigail said…
You can give me tips! I think it's time to revive the bookbag for Bumps and Spoon...

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