What do you do in the snow? Look for tracks.

I sent Bowden and Lucy out with my camera.

Put unsweetened kool-aid in water bottles and send the kids out to color.

Pretend that you're living in the Big Woods and try to make "candy" from maple syrup.

I was bummed after I let the kids do all this- instead of some school- and when we really got going into actual school, they were cranky. So sad. At least their cute, even when they're not grateful.

(Just so you know, when I was a child, after reading Little House in the Big Woods, I tried to make maple syrup candy with table syrup- not real- and ice cubes. That's what we had. Really maple syrup was something I did not experience until I went to college. And I didn't like it. Too thin and sweet. Not buttery. Poor Sarah Paulson.)


It looked like the murder scene of the big, jolly Kool Aid man- Slowly dribbling his brightly colored, and tasty, life force into the snow.

Who would want the Kool Aid guy dead? Every home owner who ever suffered from him crashing through their walls would have to be listed as a suspect.
Annie said…
Now I'm convinced. I need a safety door!!!
yakub said…
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