Happy Thanksgiving!
Really, if you think about it, September wasn't that far away.  Truth be told, I'm posting here more than 70 percent* of the people I have linked on my blog.  Honestly, for someone who has very little to say, I have done more than you would expect.
But I'm sorry.  I think about all of the people I love who want to see my chickens, and I feel bad that I don't post more about what has been happening in our lives.  Because I really, truly believe that this medium is valuable in keeping us connected, and I know that for people like my family back in Vermont and Massachusetts, and my friends across the world, and even my mom two hours away, this  blog can be the best tool I have to make you a bigger part of my life.
We have been doing things- millions of things, and at times I think too much.  Bowden started martial arts in September, and Lucy and Jack played soccer, too.  We have been plugging away at home-school with Lucy and Bowden, and when I use the word "plugging"  I really mean "plodding" or even "oozing" because it feels like such a trial this year.
The "small group" of twenty-two people that Josh leads began again in September also...and since being involved in a full-time ministry, going to school, and serving on the church's elder board keeps Josh only mostly busy, he decided to coach Lucy's soccer team.
Miles is in preschool two days a week, and he loves it, and Jack is in kindergarten at the local school.  I'm planning on bringing him home for first grade, but for this year he's getting a healthy helping of socializing and exposure to reading, and I get two mornings without little people interrupting my teaching.  My favorite time of day is when they are all home.
We have the next week off for Thanksgiving Break, and I am so glad to have everyone home.  I'm looking forward to going down to my mom's house for Thanksgiving, but I miss my sister and her people.  And, really, that is all there is to it. 
I mean, I've read a lot of books, but who wants to hear about that?
And I will try to post more often.
*Totally fictitious number.  I just made it up, but it's probably true.



They're SO big!! We miss them!! (And you too, of course.)
The Brunetts said…
Love the pictures!
abigail said…
You have a very handsome family, and Lucy...what a little brown beauty she is!

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