Easter Sunday

  We celebrated Easter this year at my house- (I think) the first time we've done that in years. Traditionally we have attended one of our church's morning services and then driven down the hill, or been at the beach house.
  Our spring break was over on Good Friday, and we had been at the beach, but it seemed like so much work to stay down at my mom's house- to spend all that time packing, and then unload at her house and then pack again, and somehow fit all eleven of us into her three bedrooms...I know we could have done it, but home seemed so much more comfortable for all of us. It was a good decision.
  Easter weekend was lovely, and I was struck again at how enormously blessed I am to live where I do. The kids spent most of their time outside, and it was wonderful. I know that Rosie and the kids missed Justin, but I loved having everyone here. I have to admit- I was pretty grumpy, and I'm sorry, but I think we all got along pretty well, and sometimes that feels like a huge success no matter what.
This little being was der sicky.  It was sad to see her snuffly and unhappy, but I'll take a little Galilee however I can.
Bowden smiling with a peep in his teeth.  Kind of gross, right?
Examining their baskets.
Lucy and Selah, with Miles and Isai in the back.
Baby Galley, just the spunkiest little bunny ever.
Selah found a toy!
Isai with an egg.
Miles- he has been so naughty recently.  He's very crazy, this child, but don't tell him that, or it will just make it worse.
Jack could not be talked away from his chocolate bunny, so I couldn't get any good pictures of him by himself.
My family is pretty good-lookin'.  Look at these ladies!  I am related to them!
Galilee loves to be dressed up, and just like a Paulson girl, she loves books.
We got everyone all fancied up and took pictures of them together after church.  They seem like such a small amount of children.  Maybe I can get Josh to give me some more for my birthday...

   (I struggled to feel the truth of the resurrection this year.  I'm not saying that because I'm proud or glad, but because I feel like I should admit to it.  Our week at the beach house was rough, and I am probably more to blame than anyone for that, and I prayed when I got home Friday night that we would be able to celebrate this holiday in peace. 
   God is faithful- I think that our Easter weekend was much more loving and peaceful than the past week had been, but my heart- my heart was not right.  I am glad for a Lord that forgives, and that has given me a life to grow through, but I am sure that my bad attitude was a sadness to Him, and so it is to me.
   I'm not discouraged, but hopeful, and glad to know that He works in my weakness, and is making me better.) 


Abigail said…
What's funny is that the first thought I had upon seeing that picture of Bowden was "How handsome that boy is!" Then I read your comment and realized it was kind of weird for me to pick a funny-faced, peep-mouthed picture from which to admire your handsome child. (It's true, though. He is.)

Secondly, ALL your children are beautiful and handsome.

Thirdly, so are Sharon's! I love it when you give us a two-fer, and I get to snoop on how big and beautiful her brood grows when I come to snoop on yours.

Fourthly, I love your electronic presence because it is real and honest, just like you are. I loved this entire post.

The End.

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