Gold Rush 2013

My mom's extended- and I mean, extended- family holds an annual Gold Rush up at my Uncle's house in Ione, California.  We enjoyed a pretty fun couple of days up there.  That's all I have to say about it.

 Cousin Tony driving the whatever vehicle this is.
 Assorted cousins.

 My mom took the kid's on a pony ride.
 Enjoying the creek.

 Umpa with some of my cousin's children.

 And sleepy driving.  That's the trip.


Abigail said…
My big girls saw this post with me.

What is that thing?
That is so cool!
I wish we could ride in it!

You have officially become the coolest blogger of them all. You Italians show us up every time.
Joshua Tate said…
That's because we're loud and rowdy. And smelly.

And because my cousin Tony is the coolest.
Sarah Tate said…
Nope. It was me, Sarah.

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