We went to the yearly church picnic, held this year at Lake Hemet. We were antisocial and hung out with each other near the lake as opposed to with the other church-goers near the parking lot. The kids enjoyed feeding the lone duck, although Bowden was much better at breaking off small pieces and throwing them to the duck. Lucy's contribution was her peanut butter choclate chip cookie, which sank in the shallows, but was still gobbled up. We got to the picnic late, because we had to serve a camp lunch, but I enjoyed myself.


Sandy said…
Your face in the second pic is classic Sarah. It's the way I'll always remember you.

That made it sound like I'll never see you again... but really wasn't at all what I meant.
Annie said…
That sounds like fun.
Tell Josh we got the dinghy from Oxnard for him.
And for all of the little Tate ducklings!!!!
YOU prolific family!
abigail said…
I love that beautiful Lucy is in on the Job-posing, too! So cute.

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