We took a little trip to Target, and we found a little pony that reacts to being brushed or fed a carrot. Amazing. Bowden's desired Christmas present (bought on sale already) is the Mega T-Rex. He vacillates between the red one and the green one, but I think he'll be happy either way. It moves in disturbing lifelike ways.


Sandy said…
We have spent lots of time with this pony's sister (or brother) at our Target. I was there alone the other night, though, and someone had gotten overzealous with the petting and patting, and looked to have broken her neck.

I didn't make a special trip back to look at her (even though she is pretty special) but from the carpet Isle I could hear perpetual, unnatural, whinnying (sp?) and finally went to investigate.

Poor Pony, head torked unnaturally and children everywhere (in Buffalo) disappointed (and parents everywhere - in Buffalo - deterred).

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