I drove to my mom's house on Thursday to begin the reception put-together, and it was wonderful to come in and see so many of my favorite people from Houghton. As most know, my sister had a surprise for me- flying my friend Sandy from the cold lands to Cali with her baby girl...it was really great. Lilee had a long flight, so when Snady put her in the tub, my kids couldn't resist.
Look how fun it was! Even at the beginning.
I did not take as many pictures as I wanted to...I was just too busy. But I will show the fun times around the reception...mostly with babies, because I would rather talk than shoot when surrounded with friends.


Sandy said…
I now have Griffen saying:
"Hey Flower. Flower? You don't cry when she wash your hair?"
Annie said…
That solo of Lilee is so cute, she's like a beautiful little moon child or something.

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