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I read a book that my mother-in-law gave me, and in it the characters had tea every Saturday. I began to crave tiny cucumber sandwiches and scones with clotted cream, so I talked Lisa and the Barr girls into having a tea with me on Sunday. We invited Larissa Shirley over, and it was fun, although quiet, except for nibbling and sipping.
I am going to have another today. I am still craving tiny cucumber sandwiches. We ate all of the scones that the Barr girls made, but I have the recipe. I bought the little rock candy stick to swirl in our tea, and that was the obvious highlight for the chunkins.


kelly v said…
I love the idea of afternoon tea! If I bring little sandwiches can I join you next time? I'll be home in less than four days.
Anonymous said…
Great idea! You are a doer- I love that about you, Sarah!
Anonymous said…
I love your mom's comment.

afternoon tea is a GREAT idea too. I was just gonna ask if you've seen Backyardigan's "Perfect cup of tea" and then I remembered the "hip hip, cheerio" comment. Ever since the first time Griff saw that episode, we've had to have a morning cup of tea. I don't do the fanfare, but might now. Um, did I tell you we might be in Idyllwild in march?!!!! I'll call soon.
abigail said…
we have our tea in the mornings, but just as often at night, as a pre-bedtime treat. never with delicious sandwiches, though.

i'm afraid to read this post to millie for fear that the next time john is brewing our bedtime tea for us, she'll insist on dainty cucumber sandwiches and scones too.

i wish i could have there with you all.
Anonymous said…
didn't we used to have sunday afternoon tea-parties up in the houghton caf?
sarah said…
the best one was in the fancy powder room...

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