Someday in May, Rosie and Justin will be having their own little girl, and Lucy may be a little upset...Selah Paix Paulson-Wentzell will be her name, but you cannot have the name. It is copyrighted.

Rosie KNEW she was having a girl. (I have never KNOWN, but always had a desire one way or the other, but not this time. I just would like the baby to be healthy and have webbed toes like its father.) TRosie and Justin are very excited, and so is everyone else. We like girls.


kelly v said…
What's the story behind the name choice? "Valued peace" right?
Anonymous said…
In Juba-Arabic, Ya Selah means "Oh my goodness!"
I knew it was a girl too. I hadn't read this yet, but was looking for a little gift for the future Paulson-Wentzell and was tempted to buy pink, so strong was my certainty.

Congratulations to Sharon and Justin! We like girls too....
abigail said…

Little girl babies are so sweet (boys probably are, too, but how would I know?).

What a beautiful name she has.
Anonymous said…
cute and pretty and a mix of two wonderful people.

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