So the most tiring thingis happening...Lucy and Josh have been sick since Saturday. On Tuesday Josh stayed home with the babies and I went to Del Mar for a Food Show...when I came home, Lucy was inconsolable and had huge bumps on her legs that spread to her arms and face and torso, so yesterday I made an appointment with the doctor in Palm Springs, and we rushed down to wait in the office for 2 hours.
She has a cold, and a fever, and apparently the rash was an allergic reaction...she's been on Benadryl and Tylenol, and today, after we went for a walk to the ball field, she got back into the stroller and fell asleep on her own.
There are so many reasons why Winter is not fun, but this is the biggest.


heidiann(e) said…
poor, poor little bug.
thoughts and prayers with you all.
Sandy said…
i feel you, babe.

That poor schweety. I hope all are feeling better soon.
abigail said…
This picture makes my heart leap to her. Hoping you're all mended today.

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