My little Lucy turned three yesterday. I used to be frustrated with people who told me, "It will go by faster than you know." This was when Bowden was a little peanut of five or six months and I felt like every day was a year. Now, I just say, "I know!" and shake my head and commiserate.
We took this binky-less big girl to Disneyland- actually, my mother, in her abundance of generosity, took us all. My Aunt Marlene and little cousin Leyla (whose name I can never remember how to spell!) joined our family and Rosie and Selah and my mom on a really, actually wonderful day there. As a disclaimer, I really love Disneyland, and would be there now if I could be. The girls all had on their princess-wear for the day. Lucy went into the Disneyland town hall and got a special button with her name and age on it, and then she got a phone call from Mickey telling her happy birthday. All day the Disney employees would get down on her level and tell her happy birthday.
The babies were ready to get going. We all were.
I think we were waiting for someone to get out of the bathroom, and it became one of many dance parties. Leyla loved her twirly dress.
These were taken at the beginning of the day. We were all overflowing with energy and excitement.
Did I mention that Leyla loved her twirly dress? She really did.


Sandy said…
I WISH WISH WISH we were there with you. Lilee in her floof to join the club.
Some day.

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