Today was Nathanael Peck's seventeenth birthday. Rachel came with me down to Hemet today- we asked 'thanael to come, but he refused. It gave us an opportunity to get ready for his birthday celebration at the staff bible study tonight. Rachel and Ryane made the cake- a lovely beach scene! There were goldfish in the sea and teddy grahams soaking up the rays on the graham cracker sand.
Nathanael put up with the singing and attention.
He blew out the candles- just as a side note, Mom Peck, this son of yours needs a haircut.
After the study, we sat around and visited. The kids on the couch are Cale Jaffarian, Judith Rath, Ryane Salazar, and Rachel Peck.
On the brick, closest to farthest, Jessica Buse, Cory Salazar, the birthday boy, and Philip Underwood.
Nick Finney, right in front.
Gretchen Martini, Kristin Underwood, always hating to have her picture taken, and Shannon Barr.
We got Nathanael a photo album for his summer pictures...we love this kid. We're so glad to have him, especially on his birthday! Look how sweet he was to pose for this picture! If you knew how much he hated it, you would know how kind he was being.


Mom 8X said…
Thank you so much for all you do for my kids out there in CA. I talked to Nathanael on his birthday and he didn't know if he was getting a cake or not. What a beautiful cake!!!

And yes, I know Nathanael needs a hair cut. He informed me that he was letting it grow out. Hmmmm. It looks a little bushy if you ask me.

Thanks for the pictures, Sarah. I appreciate very much.
Mom 8X said…
His sister, Elisabeth, says he looks like Dash, on the Incredibles! I think she's right!
MomZup said…
Great Pictures! Love the teddy grahams on the beach. I wondered when Rachel posted that she was going to Hemet if there were birthday plans afoot.
Andrew said…
Man I love that guy.
sarah said…
We do, too!

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