You may notice something different about the melon of my youngest. It was hair-cutting day at the Western Tate's. This is the fourth haircut I have given Jack since he was nine months old, and if it is too short (and raggedy) it is only because I hate to use the scissors around wiggle-worms, and I'm hoping I can go a good two months without.
Some of you may not enjoy the "Bo-hawk." (Thanks, Chris Morgan!) Bowden loves it.
Lucy got her bangs cut.
Short. This is Lucy smiling.
After the cuts, each kid got a turn in the sink, a little treat, for some reason. I remember my mom giving us baths in the sink, and I loved it, too.
Lucy couldn't wait for her turn, and became the little momma.

Bowden's 'do.
This is Jack, wearing one of Lucy's pull-ups, and singing/shouting.
Break my heart, this one looks like his brother.

The back of Lucy's hair has never been cut, mainly because her sweet little curls are probably just the remnants of her baby hair, and I love them too much to lose them. When wet, her hair is soooo looooonnnnggggg!!!


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