My Uncle Tony and Aunt Marlene took the most active vacation anyone who has stayed with us has ever taken. Undeterred by our lack of locomotion, they went on two hikes and two bike rides in two days. We all went down the leisurely Ernie Maxwell trail with the chickens.

We started out with hats on and bottles in hand. I ended up carrying the hats and bottles, unfortunately. I am excellent at carrying.

It was a little chilly at the top of the trail, but we quickly warmed up.
Uncle Tony nicely posed for me. Nicely, but not happily. I understand this feeling. Not every moment needs to be captured, and prolonging the moment is artificial and, why did I do it?

We stopped A LOT to enjoy the views- and to let little legs rest.

Suicide Rock.

I like the man formation in the rock.

Resting on rocks.

Aunt Marlene liked this angle for our Christmas picture.

Here she is, the avid photographer!

Not this angle.

Here we be.

Bowden and Lucy look a little...wiped.

Marlene missed the family for the sake of the views..."Oh, the glory!!"

This tree-hugger wanted to dig this little guy up and make him our Christmas tree.

A little visit on the top of a rock.

Josh carried Lucy about half of the way. I could hear her and Jack laughing to each other and playing as they were moved along.

It was not the most ambitious hike, but it was very enjoyable. I love my family, and these three were perfect for enjoying the 'glorious wilderness.'


john tate said…
I love your family too! Thanks for posting this stuff Sarah

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