We came home today from picking up Bowden to find the Forroux children playing on our play set- the social equivalent to finding buried treasure.
Becky and Lucy were playing in the toy room, and Phillip and Bowden were outside on the play set. I overheard the boys talking.
They must have been discussing birthday parties, because I heard Phillip tell Bowden that he would invite Bowden to his birthday party."What is it going to be?" Bowden said after a happy little, "Ooohhhh."
"I don't know. Maybe pirates."
"I had a pirate party and it was awesome. I got a pirate puzzle and all kinds of pirate stuff."

I don't know what the crash was outside- when I looked out, there wasn't anything down that had been up, but it made the boys crack up.
After they laughed awhile, I heard Phillip say, "Hey, Bowden."
"I like you."
"I like you, too."

(I always like people better after we've laughed together- the harder we laugh, the more I like them.)


Annie said…
That's so true!
CAll me- I got a new phone and only 2 phone numbers!
sarah said…
I will!

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