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Merry Christmas Eve!! I know that Christmas has passed, but first things first. Here is the yearly installment of Fusano Christmas Eve.My cousin Diana flew in from Baltimore for the occasion, and I don't know what Uncle Tony and Rosie are looking at.
Jack fell asleep on the way over from my Mom's house, all of fifteen seconds of driving away. I set him under the Christmas tree and he slept through the loudness that my Umpa dubbed, "the Tower of Babel."
Selah Paix in her Christmas dress, so excited about the party.
John, Aunt Angie, Uncle Phil and Umpa...not a great picture.
Selah and Uncle Tony.
Aunt Roseanne and Diana's friend, Cliff. Cliff was forced to do the annual Santa dress-up and Ho-ho-ho-ing.
Jack, still sleeping. He was so adorable, and I had to spend a lot of time sitting next to him to protect him from his cousin's running feet.

Lucy would not pose for me, so all of her pictures are blurry.

Santa Cliff and Lucy Gates.
Gianna and Santa. Giannna is John and Liz's middle child, and John is Beany and Cherie's middle.

Leyla and Santa. Leyla is Andy's daughter, and Marlene and Tony's granddaughter.
Aunt Roseanne and her newest grandchild, Micah. Micah is Darryl and Sarah Perito's second child.
Mikenna, Mike and Cherice's youngest child. Cherice is Beany and Cherie's oldest daughter.
Andy and Leyla looking at Leyla's gift bag from Santa.
Bowden and Santa. Bowden is my child. I am Annie's daughter, and Annie is Umpa and Grandma's fifth child of eight.
Alyssa, Cherice and Mike's oldest daughter.
Angelina, John and Liz's oldest.
Victoria, John and Liz's youngest.
Kailey, Mike and Cherice's middle daughter,
Watching the kids open their presents.
Jacky, looking at Santa.
I think he's holding Lucy's pig. Lucy later traded it for a little lamb.
Faith looking out for baby Micah with Santa.
Selah Paix-la, Rosie and Justin's daughter.

Jacky, not too sure about the whole thing at first.
Oh! A present for me! Jack loved his elephant, but ended up with a little green octopus.
The kids crowding Santa and Jack.

Jack trying to take advantage of the moment before he had all of his candy taken away.

Lucy, showing me her bag.

Oops. There's the lolly he got.
My cousin Tony, Marlene and Tony's oldest, and his girlfriend,Sheila.
Diana joins in...
...and finds a crown.
Lucy's crown was purple, perfectly.
Umpa, Josh, and Mike.
My cousin, Mike, married to Cherice, daughter of Beany and Cherie.

Grandma and Aunt Angie.
Cherice, Alyssa, and Rosie.
Jack, with yet another treat.

Mikenna, Cherice, Rosie and Selah. I love my family. It was a wonderful time. I wish Christmas was longer, or came sooner. Three times a year? It would be nice.


abigail said…
Lucy looks beautiful!

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