We decided to celebrate Josh's 31st birthday at the beach. My mother was there, and we took advantage of the best babysitter we could find and went out to eat Saturday night at El Torito. Sunday morning we woke up and we made Josh a celebratory steak and eggs. After breakfast we loaded up the chickens in the wagon and trekked to Seabridge.
After a birthday nap and a delicious meal at Joe's Crabshack, we came home so Josh could have his cake and open his presents. The kids had been looking forward to the cake all day.

I had found the perfect gift at the Temecula Mall. It was the kind of gift that made all of the other little gifts I bought better. I made Josh open it last.

He has this weird thing about the "Sham-WOW!" guy.

I bought him two Sham-WOW! sets. I knew his face would be priceless.

Everyone enjoyed the cake- we fabricated it more than made it...cake mixes feel a little like a lie.

My mother, again a provider of happiness and comfort, had to leave that night. The only thing that CAN be bad about the beach house is how big it is and how much time it takes to clean...but we had decided to do it in spurts on Monday, so it wasn't bad at all.


john tate said…
That Sham-Wow guy is wondernuts for sure - he's awesome.

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