I set the St. Valentine's Day table. I had collected a variety of things for the kids- some were left over from Christmas.




They were so excited about the gifts that they woke up at 6:o0am. Painful.

Josh bought me safety on the ice...

and flowers!!!

Jack loved his morning trail mix of baby puffs, yogurt raisins and dried apples.

Then he found the toys.

Orange juice was served with an umbrella.

Jack had trouble drinking with it in his glass, so he stuck it in his strawberries.


Umbrellas are the best part of Valentine's Day. You saw, of course, what my husband wrote for me on his blog, right? I am undeserving.


alexae said…
Those look so awesome. Maybe if I got goodie bags like that I wouldn't be so jaded about Hallmark-Day. :)
abigail said…
Yet another post that I will NEVER show to my children for fear that they discover my failings...

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