Friday, the thirteenth, was a rather schizophrenic day for us. After dropping Bowden off at his class, we made our way to the gym for a patriotic celebration. The kindergartners watched the other classes file in. Lucy strained for a better view.

Bowden's class walked to the front and lined up, obviously.

They sang a rousing rendition of Yankee Doodle Dandy, which substituted "and with your friends be handy," for the original line.

First grade sang, too.

Then came second grade- and third?

When the assembly was over, I let Lucy and Jack run and give Bowden a hug.

It was more like a tackle.

I had an hour to kill before I went back to Bowden's class, so I asked Lucy if she wanted to see some Pirates, and we went over to the coffee-shop.

Pirates manned the espresso machine and milk steamer.

This man, below, read the paper and smoked a cigar in the snow. I don't know him, but for some reason wanted to not only take his picture, but also post him.

The Pirates- Katie and Chris Bayer- were rowdy...possibly because of all of the rum they were consuming.

They may have slipped some into the the chirren's steamers. Mmmmm...rum steamers....

After the (first) pirate adventure, I dropped Jack off at home and went back to Bowden's class for the Valentine's Day party. Lucy came along to enjoy the chaos- it was everything I remembered from when I was in elementary school and we passed out cards.

Bowden got quite the haul- even Lucy brought home some valentines.

After we had been home for a while, I asked the kids if they wanted to dress up as pirates and go back to the coffee shop.

We got free hot chocolates and four free raffle tickets for dressing up...I later won a 25 dollar gift certificate...well worth the effort. It was very fun, as well.

Bowden's pirate face?

Lucy, the pirate princess, as she dubbed herself.

Pirate Jack.

It was a busy, fun day. I went back at eight after the chickens were in bed and enjoyed some grown-up pirate festivities. Pippi Longstocking made an appearance as the owner's maid.

Three holidays in one- and Pippi? That was just a bonus.


MomZup said…
A pirate with a binky. . .hmmmmm! Kind of ruins the tough guy image! Wonderful pictures! Where exactly is this pirate coffee shop. Was this just a special occasion or an ongoing theme?
Jule Ann said…
I love your kiddie pictures!

You know, I enjoy working in a coffee shop, but dude, if I got to dress up as a pirate, it would be the BEST JOB EVER!
alexae said…
why did pirates take over the coffee shop?
sarah said…
To celebrate Friday the Thirteenth, not exactly a holiday, the owners decided that they would have a pirate celebration. It was very fun. They joked that they'd have to do it next month, because it's happening AGAIN....oooooooooh......spoooky......ooooh.
Liana said…
I LOVE the pirate pictures - your kids are cute pirates, I must say!
abigail said…
My little Girl Pirate would be smitten...

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