I took the kids to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego last Saturday. I needed some sun and warmth, and it was Bowden's last few days of February vacation, so we loaded up and moved it out. We decided to go to the bird show first. I let Bowden take some pictures.

After the show he took the camera and asked the keeper if he could take a picture of the hawk up close (sans flash.) Bowden loves birds of prey.

Our next stop was the Tram through Africa. It may be a little long for the kids to sit, but they like the idea of it a lot.

Jack on the tram.

Cheetahs in the grass.

Our last visit, after we made a stop to my favorite exhibit, the Hidden Jungle, was to the petting kraal. I have no idea what these deer are, but they are placid.

Jack is still learning to be gentle, but he did well.

He was so happy.
I got fifty cents worth of food, and split it between the three. Jack and Bowden went through theirs quickly, but I found that when it was time to go, Lucy had been handing her share out a kernel at a time.
She had enough to feed at least three more deer.

The baby rhino in the nursery kraal next door was adorable.

"Lucy! Don't touch it's mouth! It doesn't like it!"

Warthog ears on the way out.

The big kids watched a movie on the portable DVD player, and Jack napped comfortably. I had to get to work- but I was late and Josh covered for me. It was a pleasant trip...I spent five dollars on cotton candy (no counting gas) and we ate the lunch I packed. I like to go with someone, but it doesn't seem like anyone else likes it as much as I do- except the kids.


Very cute. Jack is rockin' the converse- I love it!
abigail said…
I've never seen a baby rhino before, even in a picture, and I'm completely taken.

Your little chicken could show the rhino up any day of the week, but, still, cute!
Tate said…
I remember taking Elisabeth & Grace there the summer of your wedding. They loved the train and the playground.

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