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Rosie called me last week and said that she would be coming for the weekend...Selah missed her Nanny, and Rosie thought that we should go to the zoo. I love the zoo, in case you didn't realize, so we made our way down the mountain and over to my Mom's house. We had a nice breakfast with a group of our family, and convinced Aunt Marlene to bring Leyla along.
Now, Lucy, Leyla and Selah do not separate themselves in my mind enough- every little girl was one of these names at some point in the day.
I tend to go through zoos faster than the average mother, apparently, because all three ladies (my mom, Rosie, and Aunt Marlene) commented on my pace, but it was still nice to be with everyone.
We saw a lovely alligator right off, and then visited a closed children's zoo with creepy-crawlies...then made our way to the sea-lions.

The kids had a good view of the sea-lions swimming.

Aunt Marlene, Rosie and Selah, and Jack and Nanny, looking at...tortoises?

Monitor Lizard!

We stopped for lunch- corndogs and french fries...and some slightly healthier food we brought in.

Lucy liked the planter...see that dress? Rosie made it for her-Lucy loves it.

What is it?


A Grevy Zebra!
Check Spelling
Jack loves zebras.

He wanted to climb right in.

I let him walk for a ways on the low wall following Leyla and Lucy.

We passed this cactus. It reminded me of a dog...

Part of a dog, at least.


Gorillas give me the creeps.

Still, I would not shoot Sasquatch.

A gerenuk, I believe. Cartoonish in their proportions, but how graceful!

Bowden and Leyla shared a seat!

Tropical park-ness.

Bowden helped me push Jack past the lions.

They were asleep when we first went by.

We checked out the giraffes, and went back to join the others near the lions.

Nanny let Bowden do what I never have...look through the telescope for a quarter.


...but waking up!

Giraffe lips.

The chimps were not doing much. I also find these creatures disturbing.

The Most Crowded and thereby Most Frightening Playground Ever.

Jack loved the climb-on crocodile.

Bowden wanted to play...

Do you see it?


Right there?


There it is!

An eagle of some sort...I don't remember now.

The tigers were very active and playing with each other, but I only got a picture of this one's back before I went to get cotton candy.

Another monkey.

Maned wolf! From the back only.

The big girls shared a seat...

Jack had the front to himself. At the end of the day, we had most of the kids in strollers.

While the other ladies went to the bathroom- and my mom changed Jack!!!- I took these three out to the front and they treasured their zoo toys.

Lucy picked out a necklace.

Bowden got a stuffed anaconda.

Leyla was too cute to take a picture of her raccoon! Look at my little cousin!
We got in the car and went to my mom's house- my grandma came over and took Rosie and I to a date to Chi-Chi's, a wonderful Italian restaurant that makes it;s pasta from scratch- amazing- and has the best clam linguini IN THE WORLD. (You'll have to go to Dwell in Sunshine for that, though. We had no children!)


Sandy said…
How can I be the only one to comment on this amazing post (amazing because it looked like super fun from the 1/3 of the photos that would agree to load for me, no matter how many times I tried, and for the sheer number of photos here. That is what I call blogger patience.) And, I am sad to say that facebook has failed me, since I found out Sharon was pregnant from THIS post, where a photo of her half-turned away betrays a baby bump.

Love you ALL. Even that crazy Nanny. She's tops.
abigail said…
This IS a great post and a really incredible zoo. I've only been to the Ross Park zoo, which would make you laugh your head off if you visited it, but, still, you're welcome to visit it any time you'd like!!!

I'm especially glad for posts like these that show Sharon and Selah. I still hopefully visit her abandoned blog from time to time, but no dice.

p.s. How do you like Last Call? I have yet to make my first post on the old blog...

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