I'm not posting as much as I should. The truth is, I have the time. Sorry.

I have some pictures especially for Grandpa Tate of Bowden playing tee ball, and I will post them, but I want to finish up my holiday pictures.

On the way home we were listening to a CD mix that I made during the first year of our marriage. I reflected on myself at that point, and thought, "What did I do with all that time?"
I couldn't remember what it was like to not have children. I couldn't recall what I did with all my hours empty and ready to be dispensed of...
I felt bad for myself.
I love having Bowden and Lucy and Jack and new baby Bradley- whom I can't yet picture for some reason- in my life. My days are taken and consumed before they begin- but with such a wonderful and fulfilling purpose! I thank God that I love this time so much- I am just thankful for our lives right now.
We are living in a fat time, my friends!


Tate said…
I couldn't picture Obie in my life before he was born. Even while I was in labor I told Joel that I couldn't picture this baby in our life. Now that he is here, there is no avoiding him, I can't imagine life without him.

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