On Monday we were due to leave, but we decided to go and get coffee and visit the park before we left. We all forgot about it being Memorial day, and the park was packed. We enjoyed our lattes and frappachinos while the chickens- sans a napping Selah- played on the pirate playground.

Lucy and Bowden loved the spinner, as did the boy who had a hard time backing away when it wasn't his turn.

Poor Bowden was up in the ship when he tripped and slammed his face into a metal pole. He came down, crying hard, and wanted his Daddy...we walked around the park briefly, and then I comforted him and the other two with an ice cream...just like I used to get from the Ice Cream Truck.
I forgot that they have bubblegum for eyes, and so Jack got his first taste of gum. The kids got filthy.

There is something about a very messy child that I love. So I take and post copious amounts of pictures.

If you look closely, you can see the beginnings of Bowden's black eye.

Bowden finished his treat in the car, but I had to keep the other two inside to keep the mess out, and Selah, who woke up just before we got home, from seeing what she couldn't have.

Jack alternated between binky and ice cream.

Ah, the contemplation of a found gum ball eye, previously unknown.


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