Yesterday we took Mom and Dad Tate to the airport. We were sad to see them go- I think that this last week has been the best first week after having a baby...most of my best loved people were around, except for my poor very-pregnant sister Rosie who I know wished she could be there, and my grandparents, but other than those people, it was an easy, happy week to get used to having six in our family.

Much of that was because of my mother and mother-in-law, who visited in the mornings, helped with dishes, took the older three swimming every day(!) and made everything very smooth and happy. I was only able to hear part of one of Dad's sermons, but Josh was able to go for more.

In October, we will be spending two weeks at the Lake House...Miles will be 3 months. I am very thankful for a God who engineered a perfect time to have Miles- a first week of life that could be shared with loving Grandparents normally 3000 miles away.


Sherry said…
God is so very good!
Tate said…
Great pics! Do you know which two weeks in October?
Annie said…
It was so wonderful to see Barry and Janie! What great folks!
And there's nothing like another set of grandparents with whom to enjoy our precious new gift!

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