Not much has happened in a month.

One month ago, Miles was newly born, and we were just getting used to having him.

We all love him. I put him on the floor, and I have to watch that he isn't swarmed by adoring siblings.

At one month, though, Miles is no longer the smallest bean on the block...Rosie and Justin and Selah welcomed my new nephew into the world last night, and I am so excited!


MomZup said…
Such wonderful news! Annie must just be having a wonderful time. What does Selah think of Isai?
MomZup said…
You began by saying not much has happened in a month. Not true! You have given an infant an A++++ beginning in this business of life. You have seamlessly integrated Miles into Tate family life. All the other little chickens seem pleased with his arrival (no small feat on your part!) and you, Miss Sarah, look gorgeous. I would say an awful lot has happened in a month! Great job, strong work, hip hip hooray and all that and more! Love, Mom
I'm so glad you post pics of the kiddos so often. Otherwise I fear I would not know how you all are doing. Thank you for being such an avid blogger. It makes my heart happy. And I could use that these days.

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