I know, I know. It's been a long time. I am still trying to get used to life here in un-vacation, and yet life continues...Lucy played her last soccer game of the season on Friday, and Next week id the playoffs and championship games for Bowden's league. Our good friends, the Whites, invited us over for a wonderful breakfast at their house- really wonderful because it was delicious, and even more wonderful than that because we have no food in the house being away for two weeks.
Halloween was yesterday, and the kids had their costumes all picked out. The ninja costume was found at a ninety-nine cent shop two years ago. The princess outfit is the same as last year, too. Only Jack the Dragon had a new costume- Old Navy, 15 dollars.

This was the only time Bowden wore his entire outfit. The mask bothered him too much, and the sword got in his way. By the end of the night, he looked a bit like he was wearing pajamas.

We dressed the baby up, and then Lucy and Jack had to hold him.

Jack was a very thoughtful dragon. Peace-loving, even.

Happily, my mother came up to help and watch the festivities, and it made all the difference.
The chickens talked Nanny into dressing up. We all helped with her make-up.

The town has an annual "parade" that begins up at the top of North Circle and continues right into town. It's a little bit crowded normally, but since Halloween fell on a Saturday this year, a lot of people from off the mountain came up to enjoy an Idyllwild Halloween. We don't go door to door up here, we just go to the businesses on the way down the parade route, but the lines were so long that the kids didn't have much patience waiting...which means that we have a rather manageable amount of candy this year!

Jack fell asleep in the car, and stayed asleep, for most of the parade. He awoke to a pumpkin bag full of goodies, and proceeded to throw a fit about not having all of them at once. Good thing he can't really breathe fire.

The flood of people around the best candy spot- Idyllwild Heating.

Three adults meant that there were three pairs of arms to hold Miles. It was a nice time until Miles lost his pacifier and wanted to nurse. I then left the other three kids with Josh and my mom and hurried down the street to the Whites and their Inn. I had trouble reconnecting with everyone, but eventually we all came together at the carnival.

While I was feeding the baby, my mom had Josh take a picture of herself and the kids with this dog. It was dressed as a baby. Dogs in strollers do not inspire admiration in me, however.

The best booth at the carnival was the "Needle-in-the-Haystack" game in which you can search for a small toy hidden in the hay. A majority of our tickets went to this.
Josh held the baby while Nanny took the kids to the bounce house. They had TWO this year!

It was a nice night, but more tiring than usual owing to our recent return and the influx of so many tourists, but we were home by 7 and the kids were in bed at a pretty normal hour, so the mayhem ended early.


That last picture really got me. Oh, Idy, how I miss thee!
sarah said…
Isn't it pretty? It was a nice night, and the warmest Halloween we've had up here!
Sandy said…
Your mom is a SCARY clown!! Where are pics of Sarah Tate?!!
sarah said…
Nobody takes a picture of me...boo hoo, sob, cry.

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