I think that I'll toss a little Miles and Isai in with the vacation mix. Isai is three months old, and Miles is four months old- exactly one month apart, these two.
They liked to look at each other, and attempted to explore each other's faces with their hands, which was not really very nice for whoever was being explored.

Two sweet little men. They look a little alike in profile, but from straight on, they could be unrelated.

I kept trying to get a picture of their little feet together, especially the way that they would curl their toes around each other. I actually devoted more energy and time to it than I should have...but they were both happy, so no harm was done. As Rosie said, "I can see why it might seem like a good picture, but it doesn't really translate."
No, but really, could I avoid posting it?


alexae said…
Hey! Now I see the difference in these shots! I love Miles' mohawk :)
Annie said…
No harm at all- those baby feet are one of the precious little things that make us baby-lovers go "ahhh"
(But I don't know how heavily you should weigh my very biased opinion)

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