We went on a walk in Vermont, in October. Now, I know that this is taking me longer than it should to post. Our computer has been acting up, but I also have been a little busy.
I would skip all of our vacation, but it was so dear to me- it was a really wonderful two weeks, and I would hate to miss posting any of it here.
Also, the further we get from it, the better it is to look at our adventures and appreciate the time we spent with some of our favorite people.
These pictures are from the first week, when Lisa and John were still with us. The other Tate chickens were at the Lake House, and we were enjoying having eight children, still. We took Edwards on this walk. He is a good dog to walk.

It was cold. Here in Idyllwild, now, it's been wonderfully warm, and we haven't had to bundle up, yet. We didn't mind the cold, though.
The kids walking through the leaf litter.
We made our way to Munger Brook, and tried to keep everyone mostly dry.
Elisabeth and the JET-dog.
Bowden and Lucy took an explore down the brook.

Elisabeth, good eldest cousin that she is, went to help our Lucy Gates find her way back.
Jack by the water.
Lucy Gates, a little tired of walking.
Lucy gates, Lucy Joy, and Bowden.
We found the field that belongs, somehow, to the Munger Farm, and Bowden hid amongst the grasses, still green and high from summer.
Lucy- monkey-see, monkey-do.
When we made this trip out years before, my mother named this tree the "Brother Tree" because she took a picture of Job and Josh near it. We continued the tradition.

Jack also hid...
...and we discovered in his place a roaring dinosaur.
Josh would nap anywhere.
Josh and Edwards. Edwards would not let Josh nap in peace.
Leaves everywhere. One would have thought that it was Fall.
My Jack, too tired to walk back on his own.

Asking to be held, with hand in pocket.
Happy Thanksgiving, although this has nothing to do with the holiday, but much to do with the sentiment.


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