On our first Sunday, all of us Tates were gathered- except Carolyn. We had to document this with some group shots- even Edwards got in them. Lisa took the pictures with about four or five cameras. Here are the results of the shoot. Gathering.
Almost there.

We have this picture of all of the Tate kids- but Jack- who were born at the time on Rock Dundar, and there was a common goal this vacation of trying to recreate that moment. The problem being that the first picture was spontaneous, and less posed, and we never had that moment with all of the kids. We had plenty of good times, but not so many picturesque ones.
Still, we tried and tried to get a good shot of all eight of them. I love these pictures...I love Elisabeth holding Miles. I like how Jack decided to not enjoy it. I love how Bowden and Lucy Joy stood next to each other, and I like how Lucy Gates covered her face when he father decided to try to get everyone happy by dancing for them.

I keep getting told that I have a big family...which seems strange. My grandparents had as many children as you see here, and still, looking at this picture, it doesn't seem to bee so many.

Gracie and Lucy Gates, posing nicely, while Obie tries to run away and Jack just yells.
Poor cranky baby.
These two are less than six months apart.

This is when Josh started to dance. Jack was momentarily distracted from his fit throwing. Lucy looks...shocked and appalled.

She warmed up, but Jack cooled to the whole thing. It didn't give us the shot we hoped for, but it is still nice to see all the kids together- and maybe someone else got a better angle.


Tate Family said…
"Me go see Baby Miles"-OTT

Right after you left, Obie would say this several times a day. Now he says it at least once a day. We miss you!
The Sauce said…
These photos are so sweet. It's cute to see the ratio of kids smiling at the camera vs. clueless/no longer interested/crying fluctuate. They're adorable. Poor little Jack just wasn't in the mood :(. His face is so cute though.
sarah said…
Jack today was looking at a picture of himself and saying, over and over, "Jack. O-ba-diah. Jack. O-ba-DIAH." It was funny. We miss all you guys, too.

And thanks, Lisa McN. You should see them in person. They're even better!
Sandy said…
I wish I could see how Josh was dancing. Bet it was good stuff.

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