We spent a lot of time at the Lake House the first few days. It was so good to be around Tate family and just relax and have nothing to do that those first days crept by beautifully, and extended our vacation, at least it felt extended. There is nothing better than being with people you love in a place you love, and the first week we were surrounded by some of our favorite people in one of our favorite places. It was idyllic.

Jack fell asleep leaning on the ottoman during one of our good talks, and we captured the image before putting him in a less accident-likely position.

One of my favorite things about this vacation was my children's opportunities to get to know their cousins and Aunt and Uncles. My chickens have been blessed, as I am, with an amazing family- the Tates, especially, are a unique group of people, and we are lucky enough to call them FAMILY.

We spent enough time with Joel and Christine's family to get past the uncomfortably polite interactions and see our nieces and nephews in their natural element. Much of that was thanks to the Eastern Tate's for driving all the way to the Lake House fairly soon after we arrived in Vermont, and coming more often than I could have hoped. They also opened their house to us, and we made a few visits out to their digs. My kids love their cousins...Lucy sings those songs the girls were learning every day, (well, part of those songs...)
They loved their Uncles and Aunt- and it would be worth much more than we paid this trip to have them understand what it is we love about Vermont and our folks there. I loved, too, getting to know my nieces and nephews, and I regret that we don't get to be a bigger part of their lives.

(Oh. And I loved eating eclair squares. Four times in one night.)

I wish Lisa could be with us all of the time. This trip was better because she was there!

Miles was introduced, and loved, and it was wonderful. These are the things I like best about Vermont.


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