We had our first big snowstorm of the year a couple days after Thanksgiving, and of course, the chickens wanted to go out and play in it. I went into our window seats and pulled out the bags of hats and gloves so carefully sealed. The kids dug in and I heard them say, "These are stinky!"
Small particles were falling out of the bags, which is when I decided to smell them. They smelled like death, so I sent all three to the bathroom for some scrubbing and did my best to get all of the nasty hats and gloves back in the bag...I set it outside and went and vacuumed and disinfected the "death zone."
Josh told me that he'd go through the bag- very sweet and wonderful of him- and we found three poor dead baby mice- past the pink, hairless stage and into the sweet little fuzzy fat part...it made me feel so sad. We, or some other predator, must have caught and eaten the little mother up.
I won't go into my imaginings, or the dead baby mouse funk I was in for a day and a half. I will tell you that I washed those hats a good ten times in a row, and when I pulled them out the kids all decided to try on our most interesting hats.

They really look more like hair.

Jack watched while his dad combed through the stinky clothes, and was a little afraid of the dead baby mice. Now, though he has been playing with some old cat toys that look like mice...."dead mouse....want him mama."


lisa d said…
does jack have those eyebrows drawn on to look more like endora from "bewitched" or is that coincidental?
alexae said…
They look like all the Who's in Whoville! So cute!
The Sauce said…
Lucy looks like a much younger Liza Minelli who, were Liza Minelli able to time travel back to Lucy's age, she'd be jealous of; Lucy's much cuter and on track to be a beauty, whereas in Liza's case, I think men dress up to impersonate her. Still, the purple hair. So cute. They are kind of half hat/half hair. She's precious.
Christina said…
You make a habit of eating the mice you catch in your house? I just throw ours out...hee hee! Love the pictures, they're adorable!
sarah said…
Oh, teacher Christina, you're so right. I hope y'all knew what I meant.

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