We went out to eat at Rosie's (again, in Middlebury) after church with all the family left, and Steve Maxon thrown in for good measure. It was some good times, great fun.
The kids coloring. The service took a while, and my three went a little stir-crazy at the end.
Mom and Dad.
Miles hung out on the table for a bit.
It was all very country-chic.
The Tate crew.

Christine and Grace.

Driving back to the Lake. By Sunday we were very aware that our vacation had only a few days more, and we were feeling a little vacation desperation.


The Sauce said…
It's overwhelming to remember what I want to say about the above photos. Miles on the table may be the cutest thing I've ever seen. The notion of Steve "thrown in" anywhere made me laugh. In the photo where Job's looking up with kind of a bemused (semi-challenging/cocky...weird,huh) expression, I like to think if you look at the photo just below it (that's meant to be of Christine and Grace, and is sweet!), you see the other end of that visual transaction in Josh's expression. Just a thought. I got a few contacts from this lunch, but couldn't make it in time. And Janie and Steve are cute; it almost looks like he's coloring for her and she's encouraging him. Awesome photos! Good one of just Janie and Barry too! You're a professional caliber blogger, Miss Sarah...
vicTORIa said…
seeing all your pics makes me so very hungry for family... big loud family that take your children and give you love...
Sandy said…
I like Miles' faux-hawk. Very spiff.
sarah said…
That's no faux-hawk, my friend. That's the real deal, mohawk all the way.

And I feel your pain, tori.
abigail said…
I read your blog.


But now John and the girls are here, and I have no time to leave nice comments, so I'll just say that I miss you even though I never see you and that your family is wonderful, and Miles!--not-so-new Miles-- is so handsome and fits perfectly into your brood of chickens and that I'm glad that even though California is a lifetime away from me, blogs are stuffed into every crack of the library internet connection.

Until next time!
XXXX's and OOOO's
(That's pronounced "ksksksks and ooooos," as in boos.)

(Not booze.)
sarah said…
I love Abigail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(and I hate country chic.)

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