A Paulson New Year's Eve Celebration included two things...banana splits and pot banging. While we didn't bang pots this year, we did build some delicious banana splits. Even the kiddoes got one, which may be why Bowden and Lucy stayed awake until midnight. Belle Irving with her sweet face and her sweet split.
Tricia and and unwilling John.

Jack was so excited. He had many happy faces.

Lucy was hot, so she ate hers shirtless.
Bowden, my man.
I had one, too. John, in the background, is much happier here.
That's some good eatin, Bowden.

Chad eating his split.
Tricia just had a sundae.
Miles did not eat a banana split this year. Maybe next year.
Bowden was done in record time, and the banana was gone, too, which is not a Paulson tradition.

I don't eat my bananas, never have. Happy New Year!


Tricia said…
It's a wise idea not to eat the banana, but my fear is that while in the bowl, it may contaminate the rest of the the delicious items. Just something to think about. Maybe just put it on the side.
Annie said…
Yeah for banana splits! It makes me miss seeing and at least calling you on New Year's eve even more.
I did think of you all, out in cell-less phone land!
Happy New Years, all!
Liana said…
really...you don't eat the banana but still put it in the bowl?
MomZup said…
I want me some! I love bananas. What a wonderful tradition. Our tradition is more like go to bed at 10 instead of 9!

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