Bowden and Jack and I were in the kitchen eating breakfast this morning when the school called to tell me- via pre-recorded message- that school was cancelled! Snow day! I decided to get everyone dressed, which made them want to go outside, and I decided to give Miles his first taste of a snowy day, so I dressed him in this sweet little suit that my sister got him. He was so happy his eyes disappeared.
Our little snow people.

He liked the adventure at first, but his hood kept falling off.

The snow in his face made him look like this. I picked him up and we all walked around. I'm glad that it's finally turned to's been slushing for the past three days...this is nice! (And still going!)


BeckyLove said…
this boy is the cuteness!
Becky said it well! Miles is so cuuuutteee! What a babe! All the Tate chillins are quite fine. Well done, friends! They clearly come from good strong breeding stock!
sarah said…
Like a prize swine, I am!

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