We went down to Hemet and the boys all got haircuts. I don't know if it's worth the money, but it is a pleasant reprieve from the usual squirming and shouting that happens. Bowden wanted a mohawk, but since it was right before Christmas I vetoed it. The lady gave him a faux-hawk in the spirit of compromise.
Here is Jack enjoying his burger with his new spiked 'do.
And Lucy was there, but no hair was cut.

Aren't they all good-lookin'? What a nice family I have, and when they're not nice, they're cute.


MomZup said…
Wonderful pictures! What a handsome bunch of people. Bowden looks more like Josh than I have ever seen and Lucy looks like Uncle Job as a youngster in that picture. Miles is the most adorable baby!
sarah said…
I think so too...and I can kind of see that with Lucy. She'll probably be ruggedly handsome just like him when she grows up.
Sandy said…
I know what you mean about the haircuts. I sometimes send Reid to the barber even though I usually don't like it when he gets it done there. For some reason cutting their hair just always feels like such a chore.

I always have to hold the clippers real close to Lilee's head and run a loose attachment through her hair to make it feel like she's getting a trim too. She thinks she's really getting a hair-cut. Really she has NEVER had a hair-cut. And have you seen her hair? How sad is that?

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