Here's the preliminary post. Holy cow.

All those curls...I think that they're gone forever. (Lucy looked at this and said, "I look like Bowden!)


Lucy!!! (you have to yell it with the Ricky Ricardo voice.)
MomZup said…
Grandma says she is still the cutest Lucy Gates on the planet! She looks all set for the summer swimming season.
Sandy said…
I'm sorry, but I love it:)

I said that, in part, to tick you off.
smooches on her pretty face!
Tate Family said…
Wow! I'm mourning the curls!
al'xae said…
So what prompted the hair cut Sarah?
Liana said…
Too funny, because I thought the same thing, "She looks so much like Bowden now!"

So, did she do this herself, or did a sibling assist her?
sarah said…
this was all lucy, although i think jack cheered her on. crazy.

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