The story goes like this.
I went upstairs to take a shower. Rosie and her kids had just left, and Josh was holding the baby. It had been an awesome week with Rose, but an exceptionally crappy day in which we drove all the way down to Palm Springs only to find that the kids insurance had assigned Miles to a different doctor, without my knowledge.
I got in the shower, leaving Jack and Lucy to play in the downstairs guest room with the blanket from Rosie's stripped bed over the card table like a fort. I thought that it was a brilliant idea. Everybody would be occupied. I even turned on music loud enough to drown out crying, yelling, shouting, and screaming, so that I could really enjoy my shower- remember, Josh was downstairs!
I got out, got dressed, and turned to one of my favorite songs, and just sat there for 3 to 6 minutes.
I came downstairs, went into the guest room....looked at the scattered curls across the table and bed, and yelled, "Lucy!!! What have you done?!?!"
I followed the trail of hair, and found little Lucy with all of her hair cut off, some almost all the way to her scalp, holding a pair of sharp grown-up scissors and looking a little shame-faced. She also kind of looked pleased with herself every time Jack said, "She cut her hair!!!"
I won't tell you about the ensuing talking to she got, or how much she cried when I told that we'd have to cut off the remaining three thin tendrils that still remained attached to her head- actually, when she met me in the kitchen with the scissors, I reached to the back of her head and a huge clump fell out that she had just cut. I did ask her why she would cut her hair to look like a boy, and she just shrugged and said, "I don't know." She was ashamed, but I think the whole thing excited her too, because she recovered very quickly, and took a bath very happily.

My mother thinks that I was too harsh with her...but I was SO SAD. I haven't ever cut the back of Lucy's hair before- those little curls were too sweet, and I think that they were just her baby hair curling, like Bowden's had been, and that once I cut it, they wouldn't come back. I have often thought that they saved Lucy from looking too messy, as long as I brushed her hair, they'd just do their thing.

I did tell her some good things about her hair- not that it looked pretty, because I don't think her hair is very nice. I told her that it would be easier to wash now (not that we wouldn't be able to swish it around like mermaid hair) and easier to comb, too.

Lucy looked at herself after I took these pictures and said, happily, "I look like Bowden!!!"
I only wish that I had taken a picture of her hair before I evened it out and trimmed the super-long pieces looked horrifying, but came out cuter than I thought it would. At the time, I was in business mode- I had to take care of it and be done with it.
She won't wear it down when she goes out. My friend Sandy suggested that I put it up in little pigtails, which is hilariously cute, and she wants that or a Pebbles Flintstone pony up on top. It's hard work getting enough of it in an elastic band, though.
Her hair is really short!


Sandy said…
Aw Lucy. She's just so BEAUTIFUL no matter how you slice it. What can you do with a girl who has three brothers...

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