Miles was born with a mohawk, and as he's grown, the mohawk has as well. The rest of his hair fell out and grew back in, but the mohawk would not give in. Usually, a day or so after his bath, or after he wears a hat, it becomes a little man comb-over. I keep saying that I'm going to cut it, but I haven't been prepared with camera and tape. Tonight was the night.
The before pictures.

And after...

Handsome guy, right? I just noticed that little, too-long strand in the front. Ah, well.
(Remember when Jack got his hair cut for the first time?)


MomZup said…
When did he get so cute and when did he get so blond? He is absolutely adorable! I want to hug him right now!
MomZup said…
The 2nd picture in the series, the profile shot, looks so much like John Fox Paulson Tate!
Agh! That kid is so stinkin cute!
sarah said…
He's still brown haired...maybe the camera caught something the eye can't see.

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