Lucy increasingly wants to help me out in the kitchen, and usually I let her. She and Selah worked their granddaughter magic on Nanny so that she would let them sit on the counter while we cooked. I loved watching them with her, and I'm glad that if Lucy doesn't have a sister, at least she has a girl-cousin. I'm firmly committed to making Selah and Lucy as close of friends as their natural inclinations allow. I'd love for Lucy to be around her Tate cousins more, but they are so firmly entrenched in the cold North that I'm afraid we won't see them as much as we'd like.
Plus, Selah is Lucy's sister-cousin...the daughter of her mother's only sister. That's meaningful to me.

Now, growing up with Nanny, I was constantly frustrated that she treated me like a kindergartner...but now her amazing ability with younger children is an unbelievable gift. I loved watching these three interact, like I said. I love my family.


Chris said…
I love that last picture. Feels almost like I'm sitting in the room. Very sweet.
Annie said…
What in the world was I doing?

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