We celebrated two birthdays this week- Jacky turned three on Tuesday, and we had a dragon birthday party for him.Bowden turned seven yesterday. We brought a cake to school shaped like a seven and then went down to the desert for hours of Boomers fun. We also just finished the Camp's Work Weekend, had John staying with us while he visited Lisa, and had three different couples up visiting over the weekend. John left Wednesday, and we went down to Hemet to get Bowden a few goldfish for his birthday. Lucy "graduated" from preschool yesterday, and we have been straight out this week, and last week, too.
We're camping this weekend with more friends, and then next week?
Next week I am sleeping IN.


The Sauce said…
I knew you were busy, and I knew much of what was going on, but that's straight up crazy! I hope you're enjoying camping. That those tundra-like conditions improved.
(and my security word, about to enter, as usual very titillating: uncurali)
Happy birthday Jack!!!!
Happy birthday Bowden!!!
Happy operation get some rest, Sarah.

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